About us

Serving more than 20 years in the field of Surgical, Dental & Beauty Care instruments. Our grand father was the pioneer who laid down the founding tone of the manufacturing of surgical instruments in Pakistan since 1985. This is our family business and we are the 3rd generation in this field.

JEMRA SURICAL, is a distributor of Surgical, Dental, and Veterinary Instruments manufactured in Pakistan. What separate JEMRA SURICAL, from others in the market is our mission, which is based on two core principles? First, ideals should never be compromised. Secondly, standards are worth any sacrifice to maintain.

These core principles can only be obtain from desire for certain kind of purity. We build Surgical, Dental, and Veterinary products with passion for a supreme competent tool that works its full potential every time. Because there is no substitute for such experience.